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It's another snowy day here in Minnesota, nothing new, of course. The last couple weeks have been so brutally cold that were okay with a warm up and some snow. I'd take the snow over the -40 wind chills any day.

The only problem with the snow is that you must be prepared. Although were only getting a couple inches this week, it's always good to be prepared and a good snow blower is a necessity in this state. It doesn't get any better than this Cordless Rechargable Snowblower. No need for gas or oil, just plug it in and charge it up and you're good to go! It's ideal for cleaning patios and sidewalks. It starts with the simple press of a button and has a heavy-duty 4-blade steel rotor that cuts through wet, heavy snow up to 10" deep and throws it up to 20'. 

For something a little less "heavy-duty" check out this Snow Joe Snow Thrower. The paddle auger and powerful 7.5 amp motor throws snow up to 20' and clears a path 12" wide in snow up to 4" deep. Also features instant start, adjustable curved ergonomic handle for comfortable use that alleviates back & shoulder strain and key lock to prevent unauthorized use.

And you really can't go wrong with this Electric Snow Thrower.  It has a powerful 13 amp 2200 RPM electric motor that starts instantly and eliminates smelly, expensive gas and oil. The auger propelled action and wide 18" path clears hundreds of pounds of snow per minute. 

When the storm rolls in you don't want to be unprepared with your old shovel. Snow blowers and snow throwers are all the rage and definitely needed this time of year.  

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