Getting Fit in the New Year

They say the majority of people in the US with new years resolutions want to lose weight. Everyone has packed on the pounds since Thanksgiving and want to look good when the summer months roll around, and of course what better time to start fresh and get healthy than 2014?

I'm always looking for a new fun way to workout. When I do the same workouts weekly I get really bored. This new Evertone Hydro Motion Stepper is a new, fun, innovative way to work on my leg muscles. The unique twisting action helps work buns and thighs without stressing your bones and joints. Plus, it delivers an incredible cardiovascular workout and is so fun to do, you'll stay motivated. 

This 3-in-1 Swinger Machine is another new way to drop the lb's. It helps stimulate blood cell reproduction and activate cells which increases energy flow. Just lie down, set the timer and in 30 minutes or less, your treatment is done! How easy is that?

While you're working out done strain those muscles. These Arm & Calf Compression Sleeves 
are made of comfortable Lycra for warmth and comfort. Just slip them on and they may help reduce inflammation and swelling, improve blood circulation, enhance sleep, relax muscles, stop/prevent spasms, promote wound healing and muscle regeneration and more.

Once you're all done working those muscles try out this Thermopulse Belt. Use it to relieve aches and pains from strains, sprains, arthritis, sports injuries and more. Features 10-minute auto shutoff and fully adjustable nylon belt for easy placement. 

Get fit with all Heartland America's fitness equipment! Let 2014 be a new start for you! 

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