Patio Party!

I spend a lot of time on my patio and I cannot wait for the 4th of July, were having people over and our patio will be where everyone sits, eats and mingles. It's nice to have everyone out there, relaxing, especially when the weather has been so nice.

The only thing I hate is that this year we got so much rain, now the mosquitoes and gnats are horrible! I recently bought this umbrella screen and I'm hoping it'll work perfectly to keep the bugs away from our food. It's big enough and goes right over the top of my patio table umbrella. Plus there's plenty of room for us to sit under there too, if the bugs get really bad.

For my guests like to play games in the yard and hang out outside the umbrella I'm hoping the mosquito repeller I got takes care of the other bugs. It's supposed to attract the pesky mosquitoes and kill them, I'm excited about it, because sometimes bug spray and tiki torches just don't do the trick.  Most of the people playing ladder golf in the yard will really appreciate this repeller.

After all my guests have left, I plan on relaxing. It's a long weekend so I'll have plenty of time to lay in my hammock and read my book. Nothing is more relaxing than laying in the shade on a comfortable hammock. I cannot wait for the rest of summer and all the fun activities that come with it.

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