Emergency Storm Kit

Storms this past weekend were brutal in Minnesota. Over 500,000 people lost power, houses were damaged, trees down, streets were flooded. Luckily my neighborhood wasn't effected, other than a few broken branches. Plenty of my friends and family were hit though and that makes me want to prepare, just in case next time I'm not so lucky.

Owning a generator is the number one necessity when you're hit with a big storm. When the power goes out, everything seems to stop. No lights, no sump pump, no refrigerator. With no electricity, it's hard to do anything. This 3300W Generator has more than enough power to get my family and I through if the power goes out.

Some houses in the Twin Cities have multiple trees down and it could take days before the city can get out and help. If trees and large branches are down in unsafe areas and blocking driveways or doorways it's important to start clean up immediately, safely of course. Owning a chain saw is a must. This Ryobi 18 inch is perfect, and gas powered. It's light weight with lots of power, sure to make clean up easy.

When the power is out and it is storming like crazy, you'll need to know what's going on outside. With no TV the best way to learn about the storm is with an emergency radio. This Voyager Emergency Radio has everything you need to wait out the storm, including a hand crank generator, an LED light, USB support, a cell phone charger, and an AC adapter.

And when everything else fails you, this Emergency Power Kit will definitely save the day. It pumps out 1500 continuous watts with over 2000 peak watts to safely power your TV, microwave, lights, small refrigerator, lights and more. It can even jump start your vehicle, inflate a tire and recharge your cell phone, MP3 player and laptop computer. You could live for days with this nifty device.

Don't get stuck in the middle of a storm with out any essentials. I know after this past weekends storms I'll definitely be stocking up on these storm emergency helpers. Heartland America has everything you need for this storm season.

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