March Madness

March madness is right around the corner, and I couldn't be more excited. It's the only thing that keeps me entertained until football starts again.  I plan on watching as many games as possible this year, just posting up at home on my couch and tracking all my favorite teams.

I have my huge LCD TV set up perfectly so I wont miss a thing. With a 1920x1080 resolution I know I'll be able to see all the details of each game. You can't really go wrong with a TV that's 42 inches and over.

Along with the perfect TV I'll need a perfect laptop with good Wi-Fi capabilities to track all the scores. My 40GB Duo Core Notebook Computer has it all, a 14" LCD display, 40 GB hard drive, and wireless internet. Every game that I can't watch will be easy to track on this computer.

And what goes better with basketball than fresh hotdogs? My Hot Dog Roller will be heated up and ready to go when I get hungry. It cooks several hotdogs and buns at a time so I can have my buddies over to watch the game and enjoy a few dogs.

Only a couple weeks left until the games begin, I'm rooting for Butler, Kansas and of course Minnesota, who are you rooting for?

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