Spring Time!

It's going to be 34 degrees in Minnesota today and the temperature has all of us urging for that early spring the groundhog told us we'd get. There are so many things I'm itching to do this spring. I can't wait to plant my garden, hang out on the patio, walk outside, and finally put away my hat and mittens.

I've mentioned some of my favorite Heartland Spring time items before but now that spring is literally right around the corner, I must talk about my other favorite products.

Like the Solmar Cantilevered Umbrella that I have next to the lake at my cabin up north. Its perfect for protecting me from the sun on those hot summer days.
Or this Hedge Trimmer that I use almost weekly when its nice out. I like maintaining my yard and bushes and this light-weight trimmer keeps my hedges looking perfect.

I really enjoy exercising outside. In the winter I'm contained to the gym and I'd much rather walk outside then be cooped up inside all the time. For me fresh air is the best thing for a good exercise. I love my Spira Valencia Shoes.
I know that my deck has really taken a hit this winter with all the snow and ice. I plan on cleaning it up really nice and staining it again. That way I can relax and enjoy my patio this summer. My Tornado Tools pressure washer is perfect for cleaning the dirt and grime off everything.
Spring is a little over 3 weeks away, be sure to get all your spring-like items from

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