An Early Spring

Puxatony Phil did not see his shadow on Saturday and you know what that means? There's an early spring in store for us! And frankly, it couldn't come sooner for me. The snow and temperatures have continued to fall in Minnesota and I'm definitely ready a warm up.

I'm mostly excited to sit on my patio, with a nice cold drink in hand. My new Solmar Green Umbrella cost me $29.99 and is going to put the final touches on my patio table. On the really hot days, I'll actually be able to enjoy my backyard in the shade from my umbrella, rather than scorch under the hot sun.

The last thing I'll want to look at when I'm sitting on my patio is a brown lawn. So as soon as the snow melts I'm definitely laying down this Canada Grass Seed. Within 5 days I'll have lush green grass that will withstand the coldest of temperatures and the hottest of summers. As long as I keep it watered with my new sprinkler

And I'll need is solar lights when I'm putting the final touches on my deck before spring arrives. I love saving energy and it's always nice to have light out there when I'm hosting night time parties. For $24.99 I can light up my whole deck.

A little over a month and spring will be here, before we know it. Get prepared for the warmer times to come before its too late! Grass seed, solar lights, sprinklers, air conditioners, mosquito traps, and much more at

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