Last Minute Mother's Day Deals!

Mother's Day is Sunday and even though it's a little last minute, I plan on buying my mom's gift online today. With express shipping it should get here in time. Every year it's such a struggle trying to find something different that will please her, without spending a ton of money.

She's always wanted a tablet, but she isn't the most tech-savvy person I know. She just wants something simple to go on the web and read her books on. I think this 7 Inch Android Tablet will be perfect for her. It already comes with some Google Apps, which is great because I wont have to explain to her how to download apps on the Android Market, they're already preloaded.

With my mom you can never go wrong with jewelry. These Blue Topaz Earrings are beautiful and cheap, I know she'll love them. They are classic and elegant, plus the gemstones are set in real sterling silver.

Back in the day mom used to make us kids homemade ice cream and I know she'll just die if she sees that I got her a real Ice Cream Maker!  It's rare to find a real ice cream maker with an actual crank on it, this one looks just like the one my Grandma used to use. Mom and Grandma used to spend hours making homemade ice cream, it was delicious.

But these day's mom's favorite thing to do is relax and read her books. She always says how hard it is for her to see with just the overhead light and has always wanted a reading lamp. This Magnified LED Reading Lamp is exactly what she has been looking for. Not only will it brighten up her pages but it helps magnify the pages of her book too!

I always plan on getting mom something different for Mother's Day each year and I'm glad I can count on Heartland to give me plenty of options. From jewelry to shoes, to electronics to computers, mom will definitely be satisfied this year.

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