Fishing Opener

Guess what? This weekend is finally the fishing opener in Minnesota! I say "finally" because some of the lakes up north aren't even completely free of the ice yet. The last I heard some of the people were still walking on the ice up there, crazy. But luckily, this weekend I'll finally be on the boat fishing away and I couldn't be more excited!

I got these Mighty Bite Fishing Lures that are supposed to appeal to all five sense in fish, I sure hope so because I'll never hear the end of it from my friend Gary if I come home with less fish than him.

Gary always has the most high end and high tech fishing gear when we go on our annual trip. Thankfully this year I got this Flambeau Soft-Sided Tackle Box, which I know is better than anything he has. Tons of pockets, a long strap so it's easy to carry... it'll fit all my lures and bobbers.
I know the guys are going to really get a kick out of my new fishing rod. This little Ronco Fisherman will really make them laugh, especially if I catch most of my fish with it.
We're planning on doing some fly fishing later this year and I'm definitely going to need some good waders if I intend to keep up with the other guys. These Itasca Waders will keep me dry and warm for sure, plus they're only $79.99!

Sometimes on our fishing excursions we stay up late and hang out by the campfire, and it can get really cold at night. This year I will not be the only one without a heavy duty flannel.

Three more days 'til the big opener and I plan on catching my limit. Happy Fishing Opener!

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