Solar Summer

I was at my local hardware store the other night and they were asking $29.99 and up for a set of solar lights. I couldn't believe it! I would have had to have spent almost $60 to get all the lights I want to surround my patio. I just cannot justify spending that much when I know Heartland America has plenty of solar light for way less.

Like this 8 Piece Solar Light Set with 2 Spotlights for only $29.99!

Or these Pagoda Solar lights that'll go perfectly on my deck posts, 4 of them for only $29.99
And who sells large Coach Style Solar lights like these at $29.99? I can't find them anywhere for this cheap.

I've always wanted lights that shine on my yard art at night, they're beautiful! And for only $29.99!

And how cute are these garden balls? They'll go perfect in my garden!

Don't waste all your money at the hardware stores in town on Solar Lights... shop at Heartland America and save!

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