Going Green for Earth Day

Earth Day is Monday, April 22nd this year and I intend on doing a couple things to give back to this beautiful planet we live on. It's always nice to make small changes in my everyday life that will definitely help the Earth in the long run. Like recycling, not littering, picking up random garbage, planting trees and more.

The littlest changes in your lifestyle can help save the environment. I just bought this Orgreenic Pots and Pans, they are made from mother nature's ceramic that naturally provides amazing non-stick cooking performance that goes from freezer to oven to table. Instead of cooking with processed metals, I now know my family is safe eating from pans that aren't made from PFTE, which can be very harmful.

Saving water is another easy way to help the environment, and one way I can do that is by washing my clothes less. This Eco Friendly Laundry Ball helps me wash my clothes without having to buy detergent too, so I'm saving money all around. With this laundry ball, you don't need them! It utilizes pure physical principles to wash clothes more than 80 types of minerals and negative ions that are emitted by the minerals to divide large water molecules into smaller ones, it's amazing!

And as much as it doesn't seem like it, spring is right around the corner in Minnesota and before I know it, I'll be mowing my lawn and doing yard work. My old lawn mower put off so many harmful fumes and wasted a ton of gas, my new Reel Mower lets me mow my entire yard without wasting a dime on gas or oil! And it's good exercise pushing this mower around myself.

While I'm done mowing my lawn I'll use my new String Trimmer, which is completely green clean. It also saves me money because its completely electric, no more hassle buying oil and gas.

What are you going to do this year to go "green" for Earth day? The smallest changes in your daily life can make a huge impact on our Earth. Happy Earth Day everyone!

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