Camping Essentials

Now that the weather is finally warming up, I cannot wait to go camping! But unfortunately I just found all my camping items from last year an it looks like I'll be needing to buy some new things. My tent from last year has a hole in it so I plan on getting this 4 person tent for only $39.99.
I definitely don't want to use my old air mattress this year either. Last year, by the morning I was sleeping flat on the ground because it kept deflating. That's why I'm getting a new, comfortable air mattress this year.
 And because of all the rain and snow we've been getting this spring I know the bugs are going to be horrible again this year. Sometimes those bug sprays just don't cut it, especially when you're deep in the woods. This Mosquito Trap will hopefully protect my campsite and attract and catch all the bugs.

With camping comes fishing and I definitely need a new tackle box this year. This jumbo tackle box has several pockets and a long padded shoulder pads which will be perfect for my long fishing trips.
And when I'm out fishing I'll definitely need a new pair of sandels. I hate wading through the water with just regular shoes on and getting my feet all wet. These New Balance Drift Shoes are perfect for fishing.
This winter has lasted far too long and I cannot wait for the water to warm up and for camping season to begin.

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