Super Bowl Party!

Every year I host a big Super Bowl party and every year I go back and forth on how to make it interesting and what to cook that I haven't made before. There's always plenty of dips, and never enough real food.

This year I've decided to use my Toastess Smokeless Indoor Grill to make chicken wings. Everyone will love something new and I wont have to stand out in the cold next to the outdoor grill.
As soon as everyone arrives the drinks are sure to be flowing and I want to make sure I don't run out of ice for all the beverages. I'm going to make ice ahead of time with my Portable Ice Maker.

But the most important thing I will need for the big game this year is a new TV. Currently I only have a 32" and that is not big enough to watch football on. I am upgrading to this 40".

This years' Super Bowl will make history with its first ever brother vs. brother game. It will make things very interesting. I for one, cannot wait!

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