Get Warm Before it's too Late

I know I've talked about my love for space heaters before, but this winter, with the bone chilling cold, I couldn't be more in love with them. I have one upstairs and down and I can honestly say they have saved me hundreds on my heating bill. And every year as I get older the winters seem to get longer and colder so I may even invest in another heater or two.

The Premium QIR Heater is my number one go-to heater. It heats up to 1500 square feet for just a $1 a day. And it's only $149.99!

And if your home isn't that big, you should definitely check out this Standard QIR Heater, it's only $99. It heats 1000 square feet and has a combo of radiant and convection heat so it wont dry out indoor air.

Lastly, this Deluxe Infrared Heater is the best deal yet. For only $119.99* it heats 1000 square feet for just pennies on the day.

Last winter was one of the warmest in history, which caused a huge drop in demand for these infrared heaters. As a result, the manufacturer ended the season with a huge overstock that they couldn't sell. We stepped in, forged a record-breaking deal. Just because its already January doesn't mean that its too late to buy a heater, the temperatures are going to get much lower.

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