Calming Sounds

Listening to music is my favorite pass-time. Whether its while I'm on the treadmill, in my car, or just relaxing at home and nothing is worse than a bad set of headphones. I want to be able to hear my music and be comfortable at the same time, and ear buds just don't do that for me.

These Over-Ear Headphones are so comfortable! They sit comfortably on my head and don't fall off even while I'm running. For around $60 I get to listen to my music without having to worry about my headphones falling away from my ears. Plus they come with a carry-case to keep them safe.

Sometimes I just like listening to the radio while I'm outside doing yard work, it helps the time go by. While I'm mowing the lawn, I need a good pair of insulated headphones to make sure I can actually hear the radio. These insulated headphones are only $20 and block out all outside noise.

And lastly, I like a good pair of headphones that work with every device I own. I need something for the radio, my TV, my iPod, and my game system. This 5-in-1 Headphone set does everything.

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