New Resolutions

With the new year comes new years resolutions. Whether it's losing weight, exercising more, giving up sweets, or changing your lifestyle all new years resolutions give us goals to attain throughout the year, but most resolutions are so common. I like to think outside the box with my resolutions.

Like trying something new. Take skateboarding for example, why not give it a shot. Every time you see someone on a skateboard they look like they're having a great time, not to mention it's great exercise.

Or how about obtaining a new hobby? Like searching for gold, silver and metal, why not do something to kill time other than surfing the web or playing on your phone?

Spend more time outside, even if it is cold out. Visit an ice sculpture, check out the holiday lights, or take a hike in the woods.                                    

Or the best yet, take horse back riding lessons. Nothing is more healing than finding your inner cowboy.

This year create a unique new years resolution, step outside the box and have fun with the changes and goals you achieve this year.

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