Uh-Oh. Here Comes the Snow...

Every year, the first snow fall hits and it seems to be all people talk about, at least that's how it is in Minnesota. We see it every year and it's still the number one topic of conversation. It could be because in this state snow comes in all shapes and sizes... light and fluffy, heavy and wet, and today it's in the form of sleet, and it's coming down at an angle.

No matter how prepared you are for the first snow fall, you can never be too prepared especially when you don't know which form the snow is going to fall. There's always things out there that'll help you get through another long winter.

1. Everyone needs a snow blower. Shoveling heavy, wet, 20 inches of snow is not fun for anyone.

2. A good pair of gloves. Scraping off your car at 7am is NOT a good idea without some warm gloves.
3. A good pair of boots. Who wants wet, cold feet?
4. Something to keep your head and ears warm. Preferably, a nice, warm hat.

5. Something to defrost your car windows. Nothing is worse than letting your car warm up forever. Save time and gas with this window defroster. 

I'll be doing my best this year to get prepared for the brutal winter that is coming. I'm hoping for a short, minimal snow, kind of winter, but then again I live in Minnesota so that's very doubtful.

What are you going to do to prepare for the snow this year?

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