Walkie Talkies

My 12-year-old nephew is going hunting this weekend for the first time with my dad. He has accompanied adults hunting before but this will be the first time he can actually shoot a deer by himself. I couldn't be more anxious and excited for him.

I feel like with all the right equipment hunting can be safe and fun. When hunting it is important to have good communication and know your surroundings. Walkie talkies can help get you through a hunting experience. No getting lost, no wondering where the others in your group are sitting, if you got a deer... just radio one of your buddies to come help you out.

This Cobra 25-Mile GMSR Radio is the perfect hunting radio. The advanced transmission technology provides clear reception up to 25 miles away. And the 22 channels and 142 privacy codes provide 3124 channel combinations to help keep conversations private. 

The Midland 18-mile GMSR Radio is another good radio for hunters, and at an affordable price. It has hands-free voice activation, call alert, channel scan, auto squelch, keypad lock, water-resistant design and more. 

And the Two-Way UHF Radio is perfect for outdoors and indoors. lso features NOAA weather channels for instant forecasts for your specific area, 157 privacy codes, 1W speaker output for crystal clear audio, backlit LCD display for easy viewing in any light, durable construction and more.

  Everyone have a fun and safe hunting season this year and good luck to you!

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