Gifts She'll Love!

It is that time of year again and the Holiday shopping season has begun. The hardest person in my family to buy for is my mom. She is very picky and has everything she could want. I know that she'll never buy herself jewelry so my go-to-gift every year is beautiful jewelry. I like getting quality earrings, watches and bracelets without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

Last year I got her this Diamond and Sapphire Bracelet, for $69.99 I couldn't go wrong. Sapphires are her favorite stone and this once of a kind bracelet comes with a certificate of authenticity. She loved it!

And this year I can't decide if I should get her this Ruby necklace which also comes with a certificate of authenticity or a new diamond watch instead. 

The Ruby Necklace is only $29.99 and has a 14K chain.

The Diamond Watch has a 14K band and is so sparkly! It has 10 glistening diamonds and all for only $49.99!

Or if I really want to surprise her I can splurge a little and get her a set. She has always wanted pearls and I know she'd love this pearl necklace and earring set. 

No matter what gift I choose I know she'll be happy and without having to spend my whole paycheck I'll feel good about the gift I give her.

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