Protect Your Eyes

Boy, is it sunny out!? When it's this sunny and hot outside you definitely need sunglasses and these days sunglasses shouldn't be worn just for looks. The UV rays from the sun can ruin your eyes, even on the cloudiest days.

Why should we wear sunglasses...?

1. According to Shelley Levitt from "UV radiation increases your odds of getting cataracts which cloud the eye’s lens and lead to diminished eyesight." Protecting your eyes from UV radiation is necessary. 

2. Levitt continues to say, "Sunlight that bounces off highly reflective surfaces such as snow, water, sand, or pavement can be especially dangerous." So, when you're sitting at the beach, put on those shades!

3. Sunglasses prevent dry-eye problems. According Performance Eyecare "Windy environments, especially those that occur in dry climates, can easily dry out both the skin and the eyes, causing dry-eye syndrome. Sunglasses help protect against dry-eye syndrome by blocking the wind and dust that could gain access to your eyes."

4.  Less squinting and eye strain. Performance Eyecare also says, "When you wear sunglasses, you will decrease the amount of squinting you will do, which will allow you to see more clearly and will help your eyes to feel less tired." Who doesn't want to have less wrinkles and look more awake?

5. Sunglasses make you look good and feel good! ACLens says, "While this isn’t a tangible benefit, it may be the most important factor for some people on which type of sunglasses they buy, or whether they choose to wear sunglasses at all. Sunglasses have long been associated with glamor, 'coolness', and are one and the same with hollywood elite." Not only will you be protecting your eyes, but you'll look cool too!

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