Lawn Care

Who doesn't like an amazing looking lawn? Although, with all this rain we've had it's sometimes hard to keep up, but I do my best to keep my yard looking great. Everyone has their own lawn tricks and that includes me. I use all my favorite Heartland products to keep my lawn looking perfect!

Including this Greenworks Electric Tiller. This Greenworks tiller runs on clean, quiet electricity & features 4 rotating tines that loosen soil & pulverize grass & weeds so you can clear them away with ease. 

A nice green lawn requires lots of watering and plenty of seed. I use this Tri-Pod sprinkler and this grass seed to make sure my yard stays bright and thick. 

Keeping the grass short and saving money is always ideal that's why I enjoy this Sun Joe Lawn Mower, it's electric! This mower has an efficient 12 amp electric motor that eliminates expensive gas, messy oil & toxic fumes. Also features 14" wide cutting path, durable steel blade for smooth cutting, compact design that stores easily, easy push button switch for instant starts, maintenance free design, hard top rear bag that catches clippings for quick clean up and three-position height adjustment up to 2.4" high. 

Keeping my bushes short and beautiful is also key to making my lawn look its best. I use this Hedge Trimmer to trim my bushes.  The ultra-lightweight Garden Groom has a rotary blade system that quickly trims shrubs & bushes then mulches clippings to 1/10 their original size and collects them in the on-board container or large collection bag.

What's your trick to making your yard look its best? 

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