Hittin' the Beach

Finally the summer is here and I cannot stop thinking about all the exciting activities that summer brings! Especially going to the beach, it's my favorite pastime. Relaxing in the sun, listening to the water, it doesn't get any better than that.

I got all sorts of things to make my beach experience even better. Including this beach cabana. So when I don't want to be in the sun, and there are no trees around, I can relax in the shade.

When I just want some privacy and some relaxation I pop in my waterproof headphones. No need to bring my nice MP3 Player to the beach when I have this one, I wouldn't want to risk my good one getting wet at the beach.

You can't hit the beach without the proper eye wear. These Puma Sunglasses are my favorite. The aviator style isn't only sleek looking but they protect my eyes from the bright sun rays.

Of course you'll get thirsty and you'll need a cooler to keep the drinks cold. How cool is this Retro Cooler? It even has a bottle opener!

And when you're ready to hit the water, you'll need a great floating device. This tube is perfect for floating around the lake or getting pulled behind a boat.

With all these items I'll definitely be ready to hit the beach!

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