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I read a recent article stating why laptops may be a better choice than your tablet. I'd love to share...

1.    Data entry is just plain easier!--
Unless you're using your tablet to strictly surf the web and play games then it's clear a laptop is a better option, especially for date entry.

2.    Tablets are easy to carry - and amazingly easy to drop!
The compact, lightweight design of a tablet computer makes them super-easy to carry. But that also means they can slip out of your hands easier and possible break.
3.    It's not about looks, it's about performance!
It's clear most computers are going to be faster than tablets.

4.     Here today, obsolete tomorrow!
Laptop computers have the added advantage of being upgradable so they can keep pace with changing hardware and software technologies.

5.    Now is the time to buy!
    Laptop prices have tumbled over the last few years, which means that you can get a high-powered laptop for about the same amount of money that you'd spend for a high-end name-brand tablet computer.   
6.     You'll end up buying a laptop anyway!
Once the "cool factor" has worn off and you've used a tablet computer for a few months, you'll realize that for true on-the-go computing, nothing beats the ease-of-use, power and performance of a laptop computer.

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