Relaxation at the Heartland

With the hustle and bustle of the season its really hard to find time for myself and just relax. Sometimes it takes a little more than a warm bath and slow music. This time of year, more than ever I need to make sure I slow down and give myself some more "me" time.

This Microsuede Comforter Throw is the perfect blanket for relaxing on the couch. A good movie and a glass of wine along with this comforter will be the perfect ending to a crazy holiday.
Gym memberships and spa's can be so expensive! I love the massagers in the hot tubs at the gym, but they're always so crowded and it costs a fortune just to get in there, why not enjoy the spa in the comfort of your own bathroom?
Nothing is more stressful than working a long day at work... This Neck and Shoulder Massager is the perfect item to keep at my desk. Just pop it on my shoulders and I'm getting a full massage while working.
And once my shoulders are all nice and loose when I get home I'll be using this Leg-O-Spa. It massages and relaxes legs all with the push of a button.

Wrapping presents and putting ornaments on the tree puts a strain on my back, I'll definitely need something to get the knows out. This Vibrating Massager is perfect! 
Bring the spa home this stressful holiday season and relax yourself without spending hundreds!

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