Electronical Gifts

There's still time to stuff the stockings and load the gifts under the tree. The best gifts of all are the ones you get to play with, electronics! This year for Christmas I really want a new MP3 Player, with all the gadgets out there its so hard to decide which is the best. I want something I can play music on and not spend over $200. Who says you can't buy gifts for yourself?

This Samsung Galaxy 5.0 is the perfect MP3 Player. It has a huge LCD touch screen, 32MB, a camera, a radio, and comes with earphones. Best part, it's under $200.

The other item I really want this year is a new camera. Mine is several years old and just isn't cutting it anymore. I need something that'll capture everything from this years holiday events. And again, I don't want to spend a fortune.

This Pentax 14MP Digital Camera has everything I need. I wanted something I could capture clear images and  video on, and this camera does just that. It has 10x zoom, a 2.7" LCD screen, and fast, burst shooting so I can take pictures at a rapid pace.
And since I know ereaders are all the craze these days, I'm interested to find out what they're all about. I want one that doesn't only let you read books, but also goes online.

This Boss 10.1 Tablet has everything I need for only $179.99, which is a fraction of what I'd normally pay. I can read books, play games and surf the web.

So while the kids are opening their gifts and playing with their toys, open something for yourself. Or give hints to your loved ones, let them know you want something to toy around with on Christmas morning too.

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