Chain Saw Season

My trees are tragically damaged from all the storms we've had this summer. Now that fall is here it's time to trim up and spruce up my trees. I need to invest in an inexpensive chain saw that will take care of everything.

This Homelite Electric Chain Saw is under $200 and does almost everything. The 12 amp motor operates off of regular household current, so there's no messy oil or expensive gas required. It packs plenty of log bustin' power too. Features 16" bar with 3/8" low profile, automatic chain oiler with oil level window for convenience, Safe-T-Tip to help prevent kick-back, tool-less chain tensioner and razor-sharp chain & cord retention hook to prevent unwanted power disconnect. 

Or this Ryobi Chain Saw which is even more powerful. This 18" chain saw has an advanced 46cc gas engine to put incredible cutting power in your hands. Features inertia-activated chain brake, Safety T-Tip to help prevent kickback, automatic chain/bar oiler and primer bulb for fast starts. 36" maximum cut diameter.

And this 18" Homelite Chain Saw can cut wood in record time. Equipped with a two cycle gas-powered engine, this workhorse rips through large trees, cordwood & construction materials with amazing ease.

 Or if you're looking for something a little lighter for the smaller jobs check out this 14" Earthquake Saw. Its compact size makes it easy to use, but it has muscle to cut through tricky timber and tree limbs. Other features include an effective anti-vibration system to help prevent fatigue, convenient primer bulb, easy-access air filter, quick-stop inertia chain brake system, easy chain adjustment, and adjustable auto chain oiler.

Get cutting before the snow starts to fall!

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